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“If this company were to split up, I would give you the property, plant and equipment and I would take the brands and the trademarks and I would fare far better than you.”

– John Stuart, ex-Chairman of Quaker Oats

The costs of establishing a company are becoming lower; so are the technological barriers companies need to penetrate markets. In the future, brand strategy and marketing will differentiate companies more than ever. So resource maximization should begin with branding or rebranding. The stronger the brand and the business foundation, the smaller will be the marketing costs.

We create brands and make rebranding through analysis, strategy and creation. First, we look at the market or economic segment of the future brand, we understand the context and the competition, then search for the elements of differentiation or the competitive advantage. We create the verbal and the visual identity and give voice to the unique qualities of a business.

We believe branding is about creating differences, but a brand that’s different, looks great and sounds perfect is nothing without the quality of products, services and interaction with its consumers. That’s why we’re interested first in what the company does and then in what it has to say and we become business consultants more than brand reputation managers.

Brands need permanent intake of brand campaignsrebranding or brand refresh processes in order to align them to new business objectives, to strengthen them and infuse contemporaneity into the initial brand idea. Ultimately, a brand is something that lives in the minds of consumers.

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