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Most brands can be easily replaced with others so they need permanent infusion of creativity. Consistency is not enough, just as originality alone can’t make it. At Onomatopy we create brands or keep them interesting through online or offline communication campaigns. We work for organisations, products, ideas, creative industries or non-profit projects.

We believe in results and in the capacity of a campaign to gather emotion, admiration and lots of interest. In every campaign, impact must be doubled by coherence, the ability of a brand to invoke its unique values and the keywords that make its voice distinct.

A place in the mind of the consumer is partly won by words. Powerhouse words that sometimes become synonymous with brands – Volvo resonates with safety, Disney with magic, Gilette with masculinity, IKEA with accessible design. We identify the brand needs and make a plan to fulfill them; our main weapons are creative ideas, words chosen with science and intuitive design. We’re from Bucharest, Romania and create brands for the global village. Drop us a line at or on Facebook.


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