Onomatopy is the naming, branding and digital agency that passionately searches for the unique voice in every brand and helps make it heard.  We’re in Bucharest and London and tell the untold stories of dynamic, entrepreneurial brands for the global village.

Our team creates company and product brands and strategic communication campaigns for the rising class of entrepreneurs. Small is the new big, so Onomatopy encourages the emergence of unique brand stories for all businesses. There was a time when branding and brand communication were accessible mostly to large multinational companies. We believe in branding as an investment, one of the safest and most necessary for any company. In an overcrowded commercial world, one must make his voice clear and well-heard.

We always search and deliver the essence – those messages that can be repeated in different tones and multiple contexts and still stay strong, unique and credible. Onomatopy is an agency based on the passion for words, for design and most of all for the powerful meeting point of the two.

Our V A L U E S are not notions carefully chosen from the dictionary, they stand as long as they’re represented by the people we work with. We believe in a new kind of company, agile, part of the digital global village. Our team is not separated into departments, but assigned based on the projects needs, professional qualifications and affinities.

K E Y   P E O P L E

Alina Chirvase, Brand Strategist. She has over 14 years experience in media, communication and project management. Has worked for 5 years in television as editor, scriptwriter, copywriter and New Media Manager (Realitatea TV, Pro TV, Prima TV), as a PR Manager at Ogilvy PR and at Oricum, Creative Industries NGO. She co-founded film project ShortsUP. Worked as communicator and brand manager for many creative industries projects and for clients such as ING, Heineken, LG, Vodafone and many entrepreneurial brands in Romania and UK. She’s a storyteller in love with strategy and with powerhouse words that shape brands and add value to businesses. LinkedIn.

Vasile Alin-Adnan, Senior Graphic & Media Designer. With over 10 years of experience in illustration, identity, print, motion, web & interactive design. Until recently, Adnan has worked as a freelancer with an established network of professionals to deliver creative concepts and commercially effective design to businesses worldwide. He also has a strong insight into the technical aspects of implementing design, which leads to lasting and balanced results. LinkedIn.

Ioana Biţin, Senior Graphic Designer specialised in branding, in-store, print and web projects. During her 8 years in the field, she delivered creative concepts and communication campaigns for various clients ranging in size and industry: Bitdefender, Bioderma, Colgate, Durex, Garanti Bank, Gazprom, Jacobs, Milka, Nivea and Sensiblu. Working both client-side and as art director for advertising agencies, Ioana has a 360 degree approach towards projects, understanding specific business needs and providing quality, meaningful work. Creative thinking, attention to details and can-do attitude are all part of Ioana’s super-powers. LinkedIn.

P A R T N E R S  &  C O L L A B O R A T O R S

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