Tesseract Architecture

Visual and verbal platform: identity design, identity applications design, brand guidelines, tagline and story development, key messages. Web design and development.     

Humanizing living spaces and endowing them with living beauty is what we put at the core of the Tesseract brand, an architecture office specialized in medical architecture. The metallic, technical sound of the name needed an approachable, humane perspective to make it stand out and to clearly represent the positioning.

From the beginning of time, people have been seduced by the idea of complete, whole beings, able to encompass Beauty, Truth and Good. This ideal representation has also been transferred to spaces. Harmony, the golden ratio in art, painting and architecture endowed different kinds of living spaces with this universal model of equilibrium.

We translated this general concept into “Beauty in Balance”, the tagline which acted as a creative organizing idea for the whole branding process. The positioning was reflected in the brand platform approach and in the Tesseract website design. The minimalist clean approach is specific to the style of architecture that the Tesseract team believes in.