Naming, brand positioning, visual and verbal platform: identity design, identity applications, tagline and story development, key messages and web design.

Lavinia Ludovic, Uzufruct founder:

“I heard about Onomatopy through other projects the team worked on and they caught my attention immediately. I knew from the very beginning that they are the ones I want to work with. The brand naming speaks for itself; it has layers of history and a contemporary vibe. The whole process inspired me and made me enthusiastic about my work and about the brand Onomatopy has helped me create, Uzufruct. Alina and Adnan were both highly professional and creative and managed to bring light and clever simplicity to all the ideas I wanted to convey!”  

The brief: Personal Branding is not easy, it takes time, hard work and assuming risks. Lavinia wanted to move from being a top lawyer who became a partner in a well-known Bucharest consultancy to being a voice on the educational side of the law and then transition to individual consultancy and her own law firm. We were hired to simplify the entire journey, to name a new brand and to design it. Another challenge was to plan the future development of the informative blog-feel website into a more simple company website and design two different versions.

The solution: There was an obvious tension between the brief, “the style should be creative and relaxed” and the professional etiquette of the industry which revolves around authority and austerity. Through the naming and branding process we reconciled the two sides. Using a qualitative research and instruments like mood boards and the Onomatopy Naming Chart we started by identifying the right tone of voice and the creative approach. The name we developed was immediately embraced by the client. It has strong links to the legislative but it’s also a term that transgressed its specific domain. The identity design roots back to the Roman origins of law making it universally identifiable.