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It all begins with a name. And what looks incredibly simple from the distance can quickly look like mission impossible once you start the quest. Distinctive, memorable, easy to spell, digitally powerful, sector appropriate, emphatic, overshadows the competition, trademark safe. Too many „musts”. And above „must” stands something else, more difficult to describe, the skill of words that’s gained in years of practice. Actually, in most cases this is the factor making all the difference.

If the name is an emotional trigger, if it makes people wonder and think about meanings, it is more likely to become memorable. The ability of a brand to become a love brand needs knowledge and a structured process, since all you can first think of has already been invented. The name is the most intensely used communication tool of a brand, by all stakeholders. Then why not find the one that best represents the business goals? We believe in naming as a fundamental step in marketing and, even though naming is included in the branding process, we dedicate it a distinct chapter and in-depth approach.

Our name originates in Greek and means “creating names”.  Onomatopy > gr. onomatopoia, onoma = name, poiein = to do. Then, it became the name of a figure of speech about unique voices, similar to sounds surrounding us. At Onomatopy we create company names, product names, project names which, combined with graphic symbols, tell stories and create new worlds. Each brand is a coherent world, well integrated into the big world.

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