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“If this company were to split up, I would give you the property, plant and equipment and I would take the brands and the trademarks and I would fare far better than you.”

– John Stuart, ex-Chairman of Quaker Oats

At Onomatopy, we do branding and rebranding for products, services and companies through analysis, strategy and creation. First, we thoroughly research the industry, we study the trends and competition and look for those insights rooted in market needs able to differentiate and to create competitive advantage. We then build a brand platform around strong brand ideas:we develop the verbal and the visual identity and the assets that really sustain the story and the needs. No unnecessary look-good in presentation deliverables, no jargon.

Branding is about creating differences. But a brand that’s different, looks great and sounds perfect counts for nothing without the quality of products, services and interaction with its customers. There’s always a better way to do business, to incorporate “for good” and thing through the sustainability lense.

We sometimes work on creative concepts derived from the brand idea for launch campaigns or for brand refresh/ repositioning campaigns. This is how we help companies align the brand power to new business objectives, prepare for new markets or infuse contemporaneity into the initial brand idea.

We’d be happy to tell you more about our branding or rebranding process and methodology. Drop us a line.



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