Onomatopy is the London based naming and branding agency that searches for the unique voice in every brand and helps make it heard. We tell the untold stories of dynamic, entrepreneurial brands.

Outstanding design is problem solving. Inspired names save immensely on the marketing budgets. Sharp branding speaks business.


In an overcrowded commercial world, companies must make their voices clear and well-heard. Branding is a key investment, not only for large companies, but for startups also. We work with brands that want to launch products and services for their home market in the UK and with businesses who plan to expand to the European or the global market.

We specialize in naming and branding services for new companies and for more established organisations who are considering re-positioning their products or services: mid-sized companies, startups and charities. We always deliver the names, the visual assets and the brand messages that can be repeated in multiple contexts and still stay strong, relevant and credible.

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It all begins with a name. And what looks incredibly simple from the distance becomes mission impossible once you start the quest. Unique, memorable, easy to spell, digitally powerful, speaks about the industry, emphatic, overshadows competition, able to be legally protected.  Too many „musts”. And the name is the most intensely used communication tool of a brand.

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If this company were to split up, I would give you the property, plant and equipment and I would take the brands and the trademarks and I would fare far better than you, said John Stuart. Branding is about creating differences, but a brand that’s different, looks great and sounds perfect is nothing without the quality of products, services and interaction with its consumers. That’s why we’re interested first in what the company does and then in what it has to say.

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The digital revolution is not yesterday's news, but the change that has just begun. It is essential to bring something new to the table constantly, but we believe that brand coherence is just as important. We use techniques, tactics and mechanisms, but we value emotion even more, as the main trigger of curiosity and interest for a new brand. The power ingredients in the digital world are usability, interaction, responsiveness.


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Most brands can be easily replaced with others so they need permanent infusion of creativity. Consistency is not enough, just as originality alone can’t make it. At Onomatopy we make brands popular or keep them interesting through online or offline communication campaigns. We work for organisations, products, ideas, creative industries or non-profit projects. Our main weapons are ideas, words chosen with science and intuitive design.


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