Lacerta Winery

Brand repositioning, tagline, brand story, brand architecture 


The LacertA winery is the perfect representation of the so-called new, new world: modern, state-of-the-art technology and elegant, rich and silken wines. Dealu Mare is one of the champion regions for red wine in the world, situated South of the Romanian Carpathians, on the same 45th parallel as famous Toscana or Bordeaux.

The lizards, a sign of fertile and clean soils, borrowed their Latin name to the multi-awarded world class wines, but that was not visible for the external audiences of the brand.

We were commissioned to redefine the positioning, the brand story in relation to the brand name and in relation to the wine portfolio. We developed a tagline that carries the story: The Purest from Grapes and created the key messages and the website concept & content.