Naming and rebranding, website design and development, branded materials, communication materials

A painting and decorating company with 10 years experience on the UK market needed to better express the vision and acquired know-how. Thus, Lorenz Decor became Pigmento Painting and decorating. We renamed and rebranded the London based company and imagined color pigments as symbols of both dynamism and warmth. Light and colour are best friends since color can’t be without light. The logo embodies the infinite nature of energy, wholeness and it also represents mobility and perpetual change.



Lorenz Paterau, General Manager Pigmento London:  

The brand name is a strategic business decision. That’s why, when we decided to change our name, we knew we must work with a specialized team. The name and the brand design of Pigmento say something about the industry, about our beginnings and resonate with nowadays London. We were so lucky to have all this conveyed through name, logo and the website created by Onomatopy. Our identity, so simple and yet so meaningful, will last and be relevant many years to come.”  



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