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Creative industries can be a solid growth engine for the economy as a company with over 15 years experience in music management and 250 yearly events produced demonstrates. Sublime needed a brand identity able to represent the company as it has evolved to an industry benchmark, representing top artists and bands.

After conducting a thorough competitive analysis and an internal analysis, we identified two antithetical forces defining Sublime: passion, rebellious punk spirits, versus knowledge, experience and business minds. Both forces have been integrated into the brand personality and transposed into the visual identity.

The recommended strategic direction found its unique expression in the brand idea and the brand tagline, “Making Waves”, instilled in all verbal and graphic expressions. The logo design uses the waves symbol and the first letter of the brand name: Sublime is behind the wave, provoking the event, the concert, the campaign and the energy that spreads. Empathy and emotion adds to the sum of different components, individual efforts make waves and create the Sublime effect.