Dare Digital

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Dare Digital, part of the Frank communication group, needed a brand refresh strategy, brand identity redesign and a top of mind positioning on the digital agencies market in Romania. A name difficult to pass by needed a visual identity just as courageous. The new strategic direction clarifies the two business lines, closely inter-connected: performance marketing and digital strategy. The tagline points out what the identity design conveys in a symbolic manner: Pragmatic Visionaries. The rhinoceros is associated with force, agility and pragmatism. The bird is a symbol of perspective and vision. The pragmatism – vision duo became a powerful differentiator on a market relying on functional and abstract design.









Ciprian Susanu, General Manager Dare Digital: “Branding is first and foremost about understanding and reflecting human identity before corporate identity. The Onomatopy team did great: they identified and synthesized the most important values we bring into business. The branding solution they proposed not only was approved immediately but, 3 years after launch, it’s so generous that it covers all our communication needs and inspires us every day. Thank you!” 




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