Naming, brand positioning, visual and verbal platform: identity design, identity application design, tagline and story development, key messages, advertising rhetoric and brand guidelines.

In 2018, we named and designed a fresh furniture brand initiated in the Republic of Moldova and projected to be exported in Romania and other Eastern European countries.

The creative concept revolves around the idea of space well used that saves time and contributes to a comfortable and dynamic lifestyle. The value of an organised kitchen, of a neat bathroom and uncluttered living space is enormous, not only in terms of efficiency and time saving, it’s also proven to contribute to serenity and general well-being.

Aritmetic is designed by a woman who knows the value of adaptable furniture that uses every centimetre and is flexible enough to fit an urban way of life. She inspired us to create a rather minimalist brand which we impregnated with the power of contemporary cool design. The name makes sense globally and represents the brand idea with clarity and empathy.