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Ingredients of a good brand name

Naming or the process of finding the most appropriate name for a company, product or service has become increasingly difficult in the digital age, which imposed different rules on trademark registration.

Nothing is used more intensely by all the categories of audiences than the name of a brand. It is the main communication vehicle. If you’re not one of the very few business owners who inherited a company from times when the family name was enough branding, you might need the help of a naming consultant.

A good name is never enough to build a strong business, but a business is more likely to prosper with the right name. And since naming is one of the most difficult decisions in branding, there are several tools that make the process less subjective and less exposed to unpredictable factors.

A naming process begins with a naming brief which is quite different from the branding brief. The research part of the process is decisive in finding the right insights that will inspire the ideation process. Then, pre-testing the name for trademark and web domain availability doubles the effort and is a must all along the way.

Brand names can be descriptive, functional, evocative, poetic, invented and can trigger immediate positive associations and curiosity. But what are the ingredients of a good name? Most of the following, ideally all:

  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Easy to pronounce
  • Speaks about the industry or about the competitive advantage
  • Emphatic, emotionally meaningful
  • Adaptable to various means of communication
  • Digitally and legally available.

A brand name created by us: Pigmento.

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