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A painting and decorating company with 10 years experience on the UK market needed  to better express the vision and acquired know-how. Thus, in 2015, Lorenz Decor became Pigmento. The essential dimensions of the economic segment are the quality of work, inseparable from trust and frankness. Craftsmanship delivered by experts is doubled by attention to make clients feel comfortable. Also, the esthetic dimension is part of the domain definition.

We imagined color pigments as symbols of both dynamism and warmth. Light and colour are best friends since color can’t be without light. Dynamism, warmth and light together win the trust. The intersection of these ideas gave birth to the concept: Pigmento. The colored circle logo, associated with the final „o” embodies the infinite nature of energy, wholeness and also mobility, perpetual change. The tagline, „Energising Spaces”, completes and stands for the name meaning. See project website.



pigmento-t-shirt pigmento-car

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